From the Mess of Our Orgiastic Heavens:

Splinter me out the jewel of a juicy black lime, lime, lime… (as it echoes off) this eruption came–brought us running, red-footed, across a molten earth, which bloomed in motion. We could see the pregnant future and drank to our loosening legs. We could youtheneyes our impulses and telekinized the seedling smokes hovering above our homes. We could architect monuments to melt back into their molten beginnings. After all, we vibrated a circle which revealed itself.

A new year swelled the Ukorian ranks to eleven people performing with more than forty instruments (handcrafted, traditional, and modern). Obsidian Smoke Rings is officially our third album (technically our fourth). We labored and loved passionately in transgressing manifold musical directions, for which we previously only caught glimpses. Please listen to the music and share it. We hope it will excite you as much as it does us.

the sounds of the Obsidian Smoke Rings album.