Obsidian Smoke Rings Album

Download the Obsidian Smoke Rings album from the UnKindness Of Ravens site on Bandcamp. You can choose FLAC, Ogg, MP3, or other format. The package comes with liner notes and cover art. 

Obsidian Smoke Rings

The links below will allow you to download individual Ogg or MP3 files (though in lower bitrates) from the Internet Archive.

  1. La Fée Verte
  2. Backwards Cerebral Heartbeat
  3. Time as a Pleasant Suicide
  4. Pink Bayou Sunset Sunrise
  5. Weaving a Melting Door
  6. Mesmer Regression
  7. Keyhole Deity
  8. Softs
  9. Fermented ESP Trigger
  10. Persephonian Thoughtsvideo-film
  11. Guinness Head Cascade
  12. Drink Friends Drink