Rip the Movie

Just saw the film, Rip! A Remix Manifesto, last weekend. The movie explores new creative modes of music-making (and other art forms) enabled by present day technologies and cultural interests. It also uses this path into the creative world to cover most of the present day struggles with copyright and notions of ownership of “intellectual property.” Continue reading “Rip the Movie”

Mighty Radio of Halifax

UnKindness Of Ravens recently may have been heard by way of CKDU 88.1 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ron Bates’s The Threat is an “eclectic show of noise, jazz, indie rock, and other avant garde weirdness,” which presented (among exciting bits of thumb-piano joy from Konono No.1 and well-placed rock) some UKOR too. Fortunately for those who missed it, there is a podcast (episode 35 from 19 Aug 2006). It’s not just back-scratching that I’m recommending downloading the The Threat podcast (more like skin flaying), Ron’s put together a solid history of interesting music.

From the Mess of Our Orgiastic Heavens:

Splinter me out the jewel of a juicy black lime, lime, lime… (as it echoes off) this eruption came–brought us running, red-footed, across a molten earth, which bloomed in motion. We could see the pregnant future and drank to our loosening legs. We could youtheneyes our impulses and telekinized the seedling smokes hovering above our homes. We could architect monuments to melt back into their molten beginnings. After all, we vibrated a circle which revealed itself.
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UKOR performed a surprise show in California’s old-town Eureka. Everyone was enthused with the high-energy improv (and few bathroom breaks) expected as an integral part of any UKOR performance. The instruments were dusted and some new tools joined in the notational surgery. Unfortunately (due to a flaskfull of other commitments) the standard full UKOR lineup was not present. However, the band’s most recent addition, Ms. Momb, took up the slack (without using slacks even). A treat to some of the best brine and orgapulp from UKOR’s upcoming album, Panasonic Songbird.