Caves and Tropics Tour

A bit of a travelogue.

Dressing Room
Derek unhappy with accommodations in Nevada

josh cam
Josh hoping to get the whole D tantrum on film, but aims at the mirror by accident.

Sean is about to meet a UKOR groupie backstage in Iowa.

UKOR offered free admission to our financially challenged fans.

Sick Ian
Ian about to demonstrate the height of preparation for a UKOR show. UKOR can be as sick as our fans. The fans at the Louisiana Vomitorium agreed.

BC Derek
Derek in the midst of UKOR’s prep method. This brought us to the top of our form in Toronto (even though the hotel’s concierge requested a stick of licorice from the buddhachrist).

BB Mike
Miguel prepares for the show with his usual. Bourbon, Instant Death Sauce, and a herring head. Most of the New Yorkers didn’t even try it.

Eureka Josh
Before the Acapulco show, I spent the day on the coast–practicing putting on my socks, otherwise difficult while performing.

M & D finding that vendors on the quaint streets of Florida have excellent produce.

Joshua Tree National Park
UKOR finally made it to California in time to play Palm Springs. Sean and Ian are hiding behind the Joshua Trees. Actually we confess, we were a bit late to this show. As you can see, playing hide and seek in Joshua Tree National Park makes it easy to get lost (had to return without Sean and Ian). They showed up toward the end of the show and had some really big, dead, Joshua Trees to bang on.