La Fée Verte

Ma tasse est toujours
pleine à ras bords dans la mer.

La fée verte met les
rêves dans ma bouche
et prend les mains de la mer.

J'ai jetée le berceau d'eau perdu
au ciel--
qui a brisé en mille morceaux.

Le monde sommeille,
il ne soigne pas
mes mains pénibles ou
ma bouche en plein rêves.

Track One of the Obsidian Smoke Rings Album.

Hymn of Yield

Oh tides, rise for hours,
great tides rise this hour,
	to air 'n earth flee I, so dour.

Care and cold and lust and life
summer dress with cloth--my wife.
Shores defined your eyes and mine.
Now sullen flows wash this line,
which banked-wide the floods of time.

Oh, tides rise for hours,
great tides rise this hour,
	to air 'n earth flee I--not I.

Track Two of the Panasonic Songbird Album.


UKOR performed a surprise show in California’s old-town Eureka. Everyone was enthused with the high-energy improv (and few bathroom breaks) expected as an integral part of any UKOR performance. The instruments were dusted and some new tools joined in the notational surgery. Unfortunately (due to a flaskfull of other commitments) the standard full UKOR lineup was not present. However, the band’s most recent addition, Ms. Momb, took up the slack (without using slacks even). A treat to some of the best brine and orgapulp from UKOR’s upcoming album, Panasonic Songbird.