UKOR Ringtone!

Unkindness Of Ravens musical aspirations transcend normalcy once again, even cell phones will bleed with aural anarchy!

Disgusted by the sickly sweet ringtones that came preset into my cellphone, I sought out to find a new one… my mission ended very near to where it began: in a sea of bubble gum pop designed for a yuppie world. I use a cell phone as you may have deduced, and I am embarrassed using this technology, largely due to the ringtones. I decided to compose my own! The motivation for the sound of my cell-song is disease, think of it as if you had a preset song, but a wire connected to the speaker of phone was loose. The result of my labor is a song that is not sickly sweet, but rather sweet and sickly.

Unkind MP3 Sample
Unkind rtttl
Unkind binary

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