The Songbird is All Around You

An informant lively calling himself the enthusiasm of winds breathing (a natural spy.) The rubber scrap that declares its wayside potential amidst playground brawling; a bloody nose the sustenance fountain eternal.

The confusion of love a mother bestows on child, mate, or gown. Grounds are the approach of uneasiness and nothing is better but their exploration, and then only in explosives! We yawp in unrestrained license to express sound, and leave remorse behind. See a child’s scribble: liberated movements of color, textures–the emissions of feeling, which may or may not be in immediate surety. Harmonics of subconscious and conscious. Where is sound found? Where is the aural equivalent of scribble? We frequently hear collage, yes–where the pieced placement of others’ works form new wonders; but collage often lacks the earthy, human passion so adeptly communicated in music. Music respires surprise, excitement, melancholy, and ambiance for our space. We tune to that space–we provoke it in a communion of sound, founded in the moment of improvisation.

Our ensemble’s duration of greater than ten years has given us time to hone the concept. UKOR recordings include the sounds of many individually-crafted and unique instruments, some recurring, some not; we also play traditional instruments and modern devices but never material sampled from non-band created sources. UKOR’s music has no samples and is not collage. Musical scribble is a blend of the excitement, astonishment, and improvisitional groove with our method of composition, which we more aptly call “exposition.”

the sounds of the Panasonic Songbird album.